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Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Debt: Banking and PSU
Axis Banking & PSU Debt (G)6.935.384.936.647.43
Bandhan Banking & PSU Debt Fund Reg (G)7.105.405.057.087.40
Kotak Banking & PSU Debt Fund (G)7.435.575.377.107.60
LIC Banking & PSU Debt Fund (G)
UTI Banking & PSU Fund Reg (G)7.338.777.025.956.96
Debt: Corporate Bond
UTI Corporate Bond Fund (G)7.445.495.177.190.00
Debt: Dynamic Bond
Bandhan Dynamic Bond Fund Reg (G)9.655.184.937.337.95
SBI Dynamic Bond Fund Reg (G)8.916.685.437.588.00
UTI Dynamic Bond Fund (G)7.779.399.966.567.46
Debt: Floater
UTI Floater Fund (G)7.115.704.935.940.00
Debt: Liquid
Axis Liquid Fund (G)
Franklin India Liquid Fund Super Ins (G)
LIC Liquid Fund (G)
Nippon India Liquid Fund (G)
Quant Liquid Fund (G)6.835.955.275.466.72
Tata Liquid Fund (G)
UTI Liquid Fund Reg (G)
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Equity: ELSS
Axis ELSS Tax Saver Fund (G)27.618.688.9014.5416.58
Bandhan ELSS Tax saver Fund Reg (G)35.6319.7522.1721.7518.72
Bank of India ELSS Tax Saver Fund Reg (G)49.9424.8623.5426.2219.27
Canara Robeco ELSS Tax Saver Fund Reg (G)28.3214.2115.4219.7217.25
Kotak ELSS Tax Saver Fund (G)32.6419.0119.2819.6418.36
LIC MF ELSS Tax Saver (G)27.6513.5714.9815.1514.74
Mirae Asset ELSS Tax Saver Fund Reg (G)32.2116.0216.8820.220.00
Parag Parikh ELSS Tax Saver Fund (G)32.7319.6622.310.000.00
PGIM India ELSS Tax Saver Fund Regular (G)21.0712.7016.2117.300.00
Quant ELSS Tax Saver Fund (G)53.5727.9231.8132.5126.02
UTI ELSS Tax Saver Fund (G)26.3211.7213.6516.5714.91
Equity: Flexi Cap
Bank of India Flexi Cap Fund Reg (G)53.8924.8626.340.000.00
Canara Robeco Flexi Cap Fund (G)27.5813.0215.2217.7816.06
Kotak Flexi Cap Fund Reg (G)28.7116.4515.2216.4717.52
Parag Parikh Flexi Cap Fund Reg (G)40.4819.8622.0023.4820.38
PGIM India Flexi Cap Fund (G)24.1010.3415.0320.650.00
Quant Flexi Cap Fund (G)56.6530.1834.2831.3425.33
UTI Flexi Cap Fund Reg (G)18.305.378.4315.2415.13
Equity: Focused
Axis Focused 25 Fund Reg (G)23.084.496.1112.9314.70
Franklin India Focused Equity Fund (G)32.3418.5319.3619.9119.39
ICICI Pru Focused Equity Fund Reg (G)39.3021.7721.1320.8416.14
Nippon India Focused Equity Fund (G)30.3115.7916.1219.1319.50
SBI Focused Equity Fund Reg (G)27.9810.4914.2617.0417.85
Union Focused Fund (G)27.1113.3214.830.000.00
Equity: Global
Edelweiss Greater China Equity Off-shore Fund Reg (G)-18.94-15.13-19.483.906.31
ICICI Pru US Bluechip Equity Fund Reg (G)20.1312.8712.6715.7013.69
PGIM India Global Equity Opportunities Fund (G)38.1411.390.2215.969.11
Equity: Index
Equity: Large & Mid Cap
Axis Growth Opportunities Fund Reg (G)36.4816.7118.8021.050.00
Canara Robeco Emerging equities Reg (G)29.5114.3016.4018.7622.29
LIC Large & Mid Cap Fund Reg (G)34.1715.0217.8417.990.00
Mirae Asset Large & Midcap Fund Reg (G)36.6217.0818.1021.6623.54
Tata Large & Mid Cap Fund (G)31.4020.9518.2220.0517.20
Equity: Large Cap
Axis Bluechip Fund (G)22.468.659.6814.2914.76
Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund (G)26.5713.5313.7417.9815.78
HDFC Top 100 Fund (G)34.3321.5019.1617.3016.12
LIC Large Cap Fund (G)20.799.1611.3714.3312.89
Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund Reg (G)21.2811.5712.7515.1416.76
Tata Large Cap Fund Reg (G)29.9815.7516.1516.6414.31
UTI Large Cap Fund Reg (G)23.5611.3013.3015.6614.80
Equity: Mid Cap
Axis Midcap Fund (G)33.2316.6818.0621.0020.82
Edelweiss Mid Cap Fund Reg (G)48.0026.5925.1725.6823.14
HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund (G)54.8833.3429.4525.6622.42
Kotak Emerging Equity (G)33.9321.3822.1723.7523.08
Motilal Oswal Midcap Fund Reg (G)51.7831.3933.1327.200.00
PGIM India Mid Cap Opp Fund Reg (G)25.3913.6920.3926.5818.22
Quant MidCap Fund (G)59.1433.7438.0431.6520.16
SBI Magnum MidCap Fund Reg (G)37.6122.1623.5524.3420.15
Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund Reg (G)47.5224.6523.3523.2321.52
Union MidCap Fund Reg (G)42.0921.7423.760.000.00
UTI Mid Cap Fund (G)36.4719.0320.6422.3020.36
Equity: Multi Cap
Equity: Sectoral
ICICI Pru Banking and Financial Services Fund Reg (G)22.3413.3611.7612.9618.11
ICICI Pru Technology Fund (G)27.028.0119.6524.4018.27
LIC Banking & Financial Services Fund-Reg (G)23.1316.7512.2613.190.00
SBI Banking & Financial Services Fund Reg (G)30.4116.3311.2814.930.00
SBI Technology Opportunities Fund Reg (G)23.6111.8820.8523.4917.07
Tata Banking and Financial Services Fund Reg (G)26.0517.7211.8115.380.00
Tata Digital India Fund Reg Plan (G)31.329.9720.9323.940.00
UTI Banking and Financial Services Fund (G)26.3815.7411.9411.5614.75
UTI Healthcare Fund (G)56.3622.4617.8622.6314.11
Equity: Small Cap
Axis Small Cap Fund Reg (G)40.5022.8828.0727.9024.44
Bank of India Smallcap Fund Reg (G)47.6923.6728.7431.460.00
Edelweiss Small Cap Fund (G)47.0325.9429.1029.750.00
Kotak Smallcap Fund (G)35.2118.1724.4627.7423.06
Nippon India Small Cap Fund (G)54.7932.5135.9931.4128.12
PGIM India Small Cap Fund Reg (G)29.4714.330.000.000.00
Quant Small Cap Fund (G)67.9037.3144.3438.3820.59
SBI Small Cap Fund Reg (G)34.5522.4524.4925.7726.79
Sundaram Small Cap Fund Reg (G)51.8026.6229.6825.0422.25
Tata Smallcap Fund Reg (G)42.8228.0132.2027.990.00
Union Small Cap Fund Reg (G)44.7623.1526.2227.100.00
UTI Small Cap Fund Reg (G)37.6619.9025.640.000.00
Equity: Thematic
Canara Robeco Consumer Trends Fund Reg.plan (G)33.3319.0017.1320.0419.88
ICICI Pru FMCG Fund (G)14.0318.1418.2814.4214.67
Mirae Asset Great Consumer Fund Reg (G)35.7021.1320.4319.1218.30
Sundaram Services Fund (G)32.6318.3020.6722.170.00
UTI India Consumer Fund (G)29.5813.5614.8615.1512.97
UTI MNC Fund (G)27.9214.8314.8312.7916.00
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Hybrid: Aggressive
ICICI Pru Equity & Debt Fund (G)35.9021.6324.4721.5518.19
LIC MF Aggressive Hybrid Fund (G)23.0711.1210.8412.0010.17
Mirae Asset Aggressive Hybrid Fund Reg (G)23.5012.8013.0614.760.00
SBI Equity Hybrid Fund Reg (G)22.0711.2412.2514.4614.81
UTI Aggressive Hybrid Fund (G)29.4517.5817.7916.3613.94
Hybrid: Arbitrage
Axis Arbitrage Fund (G)7.325.865.285.080.00
Bandhan Arbitrage Fund Reg (G)7.465.955.215.035.85
Edelweiss Arbitrage Fund Reg (G)7.616.125.425.310.00
Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund (G)7.816.325.585.386.13
UTI Arbitrage Fund (G)7.535.965.335.215.96
Scheme Name1 Year (%)2 Years (%)3 Years (%)5 Years (%)10 Years (%)
Solution: Children Equity
SBI Magnum Childrens Benefit Fund Invest Plan Reg (G)33.2019.0333.170.000.00
Solution: Retirement Equity
SBI Retirement Benefit Fund Aggressive Reg (G)26.6117.8520.450.000.00
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